The Mission of 12345 Kids Count of Milford is to develop, enhance, and promote the educational, social, emotional, and physical well-being of children from birth to age five so that they enter kindergarten ready to learn. Recognizing the crucial importance of a successful start, Kids Count will make accessible programs and information to ensure this mission to Milford families.

Kids Count of Milford is a non-profit community collaborative organization that strives to ensure that all young children and their families receive the support that they need to maximize their school readiness. This goal stems from the recognition that learning does not begin at the schoolhouse door, but rather in ┬áthe first 60 months of life. Crucial social development takes place before the age of six and more than half of our intelligence is in place by age four. It is often too late to start working with at-risk children in children’s lives and significantly reduce the need for costly remediation later.

A four year longitudinal study in the Milford Public Schools has demonstrated significant improvement in language skills, and concept development in at-risk students included in a preschool education program, as well as two-thirds reduction in special education services in later grades for these students.